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Will my bag look exactly like the photo? 
Each bags are woven by hand, and therefore distinctly unique. While the shape and style will be the same, no two bags will ever be the same in color and weave pattern. Which means - your bag is truly your own.

What are the bags made of? 
Our bags are crafted from natural rattan, jute, hemp, straw, paper or cotton rope. We try to source for as much natural materials as possible for a more sustainable environment.

Where are your item made from? 
We partnered with the local artisans from Indonesia, China and Vietnam and once the items are ready, we sent it to our warehouses in China for storage and fulfillment.

Why does my bag have a smokey scent? 
One of the process while handcrafting the bag, was smoking it over coconut husks to strengthen the rattan. This is where the rattan gets its warm, golden color. The bags are then dried out in the sun for a few days to let the smoke waft. There might be mild smokey aroma when you receive your bag, however, the scent will disappear over time.

Air out your bag with the lid open in a dry and well-ventilated area for 1 to 3 days. Avoid direct sunlight.

How shall I care for my bag? 
We recommend storing your bag in a dry place and kept away from humidity and direct sunlight. If you dirtied your rattan bag by accident, don't fret! Use a damp cloth with cold water and wring off the excess water before wiping the bag gently. Be careful not to get too much water on the bag and set it to dry completely before storing it. Read more here on how to take care your straw bags.

Watch out for any stray pieces of rattan that may create a sharp edge if not tended to.

Can I wear silk with my bag? 
We don’t recommend it. Keep in mind that straw is, by nature, a brittle material, and if a piece of stray rattan comes into contact with a delicate fabric such as silk, it may snag your clothes!

What can I do about a piece of stray rattan on my bag? 
This may happen and it’s completely normal. If a piece of stray rattan juts out from the weave, it can be fixed with a pair of nail trimmers. Simply clip down the excess! 

Are the straps adjustable? 
The straps are not adjustable, but if you will like to shorten your strap, one way is tying a knot at the top of the strap, which gives it a nice chic vintage look. See below for example.

Cylinder Rattan Bag

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