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Our Story

The charm of owning a handcrafted item is that no two items will ever be the same. It belongs to only you, yours truly.

Our story begins when we were on a vacation trip to Indonesia, China and Vietnam. It was love at first sight with their traditions, spiritual culture and friendly locals.

Tenun Weaver in Kupang, Indonesia

We were lucky to witness the traditional artisans working their magic and weaving the rattan into a delicate bag. Most of them are families from rural countryside who are passionate about making contributions for their family and community.

From then on, we decided to partner with the local artisans to learn and understand more about their culture.

Straw weaving
An artisan working on his wickerwork in Funan, China.

Handcrafted products are environment friendly.
It takes less energy to produce handcrafted item compared to a mass production assembly line, which makes it more environmentally sustainable. We aim to use as much natural materials as possible and no animals are harmed during the production.

Creating jobs for the less fortunate artisans.
Our items are woven by skillful artisans from Indonesia, China and Vietnam.
 The traditional art of weaving are dying off as machines replaced them. Support their workmanship by buying one of their masterpieces. It can take up to a month to gather materials, prepare and weave a bag that you see in our shop. Every item you purchase is making a positive impact on the artisans’ lives.

Rattan maker

Handcrafted products are special.
The beauty of handmade lies in its uniqueness as the artisans work with traditional techniques to weave and stitch the materials into shape. The tiny differences made during the weaving, made every piece special in their own way.

Handmade items add a warmth vibe to your home and wardrobe, it exudes a homely feeling that can never feel the same with manufactured items made from machines. Included in the making of each item are hours of work, energy, dedication and most importantly - their heart.

Lets embrace the beauty of tradition and culture ♡

bali tradition

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