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Top reasons to own a Rattan Straw Bag

Straw, rattan, and wicker bags are always on-trend because of their rustic and chic style, affordable price, cultural influences, Eco-friendly and uniqueness. They are a staple for summer and one of the most photogenic accessories to match with your summer wear. A search in instagram will show that most influencers owned at least one of the classic rattan or straw bags. Imagine gorgeous flowy dress, over-sized sunhat, a pair of sunglasses and along their side is the chic straw rattan bags.

Beach bags
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Straw bags suitable for every style and occasions

Straw bags are truly a timeless classic. You can mix and match your summer clothes and the best part is, straw bags will never look out of place! Wear it with your billowing sundress to the beach, pair it with your favorite T-shirt and jeans down to the café or use the straw bag as accessories to match along your bohemian crop top with ripped shorts, you will be star of the party! Straw bags come in all shape and sizes, from cross-bags to totes, there is a complimenting style for everyone. Because of their versatility, you can use them as beach bag, casual bag for everyday use, photo-shoot and even for weddings that’s beach or bohemian themed!

 Straw Bag
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Straw bags are unique

The charm of owning a handcrafted item is that no two items will ever be the same. It belongs to only you, yours truly. Straw bags are handmade from scratch and each of them has tiny differences crafted during the weaving that made every piece special. The straw bags are made by the local artisan in Bali and Vietnam, and behind the bag has a story behind them. Most of them are families from rural countryside who are passionate about making contributions for their family and community.

Art Rattan Bag
(Adorable art work of rattan bag)

Straw bags are Eco-friendly

Straw bags are made from sustainable natural materials and handcrafted manually. It uses less energy compared to products made from machines and releases less pollutant to the environment. Harvester will only cut down vines for materials and leave the tree unharmed, which the vine will grow back quickly. No animals are harmed during the production of the straw rattan bags.

Rattan Vines

Straw rattan bags are versatile & hardy

As long as you provide enough love, tender and care for your rattan bags, they are known to last longer than other materials. Most item will start to fall apart from wear and tear, but rattan bags have the ability to last for generations.

Wicker straw rattan bags are stunningly beautiful and unique in its own way. You can never go wrong with one of them in your collection. Just like every designer bag, straw bags can be turned into collectibles or pass down to the next generation as a souvenir. After all, I still have the vintage rattan bag passed down from my grandmother stored carefully away in my room. Get one of the unique bag for your love ones now.

 Vintage Rattan Bag
(Vintage design rattan bag)

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