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8 Best Ways to Style a Straw Bag

Straw bags have the laid-back charm that is often associated with beach, sun, and summer, but do you know it has appeared in the fashion runway, seasons after seasons because of its versatile style? Straw bag isn't just for the summer, the timeless classic bag will compliment your outfits no matter the occasion.

Now you finally got that straw bag and its gorgeous! But doesn’t it look a little dull after the 10th time you wore it? Fret not, we have 8 suggestions for you to bring excitement back to your straw bag fashion again

1) Wrap a handkerchief or scarf around the bag strap or handle for the extra pop
Rock the new look with this simplistic yet genius style. Wrapping a different cloth around your bag can make you stand out among the crowd and make a fashion statement. Whether it’s a solid coloured, a burst of colour, plain or exotic mandala design, it will have you looking stylish in the most effortless way.
Rattan bag with scarf
2) Style with keychains and accessories
Styling your bag with accessories are one of the simplest yet powerful way of expressing creativity. Personalize your bag with a fluffy ball trinket for the playful look, tassel charm for the bohemian look or even a chic leather keychain can change the whole aura of your outlook.

Straw bag with keychain

3) Stripes and nautical look
One of most popular fashion choices is pairing off a casual striped tee with rattan bags. You can never go wrong with the nautical style, it is all about being fresh, comfortable, and natural. “Ahoy there!”

beach rattan bag

4) Complete the perfect beach look
So, you are heading down to the beach and you want to achieve the perfect beach look, how should you start? We recommend an adorable cotton or chiffon sundress, a pair of over-sized sunnies, rope wedges and straw beach hat, of course not forgetting our beloved straw beach bags to complete the whole beach look. And now you are ready to pose for the perfect pictures to be uploaded to Instagram.

Beach straw bag

5) Contrast the colours
Straw bags are generally neutral coloured, imagine sandy hues, ivory white, caramel shade, rich bronze – you get the idea! Dress up in timeless monochrome colours such as black or white can make your naturally beautiful straw bag stand out. We love the little black dress look paired off with a round rattan bag. Don’t be surprised if you received tons of compliments. 😉

black dress with rattan bag

6) Exude confidence with masculine twist
When you think of straw bags, you probably think it as a feminine allure piece. You are right, but it doesn't mean we have to stop there. Have fun matching your bags with fashion of a different twist to them. Compliment your bag with a slightly more androgynous look such as boyfriend jeans, leather jacket and chunky accessories for added flair. This combination of outfit just screams confidence!

Leather jacket with straw bag

7) Shorts and cropped top
A rave beach party or music festival coming up? You have your ripped shorts and cropped top ready, glittery make-up on, gorgeous sandals and accessories good to go, now you are just lacking the perfect piece to complete the whole outlook - a straw boho bag! Straw boho bags come in different shape and style, effortlessly elevated by the chic tonal designs. Lift your spirit and style with the unique boho bag and get ready for party!

Rave party Boho look

8) Bohemian style

Bohemian represents free spirit, freedom and has a rich culture behind them. There are no rules when it comes to layering bohemian fashion and accessories. Boho vibe is all about comfort, relax and laid-back. This makes the humble rattan bag the best candidate for the bohemian scene. It has one of the most unique and eye-catching styles yet staying true to their natural roots. How often do you find a bag that can pull off simple and casual style, while looking chic and trendy at the same time?

Straw bags with different style

With just a little inventive thinking, you can do wonderous changes to your style and fashion. Try out our suggestions and have fun with experimenting! Do you want to achieve the free-spirited bohemian style? View our carefully selected boho accessories to match your clothes now.

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