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Rattan bag

Handcrafted with love ♡

Each bag is handcrafted and woven by hand. The natural materials are braided to create special patterns and “smoked” over coconut husks as part of the drying process, which adds beautiful patina over the bags.

Eco Bag


100% Handmade. No sweatshops. Eco-friendly materials that have long been used by artisans around the world as part of traditional craft.

Casual Bag

Perfect for everyday look

Wicker bags have always been evocative of summer. Take the iconic straw bag from beach to casual outings, when you style it with your favorite striped shirt, comfy pants, or even tie a scarf around the handle, just for an extra pop.

"Bohemian Vibe"


Beautiful boho macrame bag! I'm falling in love with the bohemian look again! 


My friends kept asking where I bought my beach bag. I got one for my friend as a gift. She loves it. Many thanks!

Serena Lim

Great quality straw bag, better than expected. I'm going to bring it to my vacation trip soon.


A Must-Have for Summer

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